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About the Chaplain

John FigdorJohn Figdor serves as the Humanist Chaplain for the Humanist Community at Stanford. He holds a master’s degree from the Harvard Divinity School, where he served as assistant humanist chaplain following his 2010 graduation.

He is committed to serving the non-religious community in the same way chaplains of theistic faith serve their communities – by offering non-judgmental advice & counseling, organizing nontheistic events to foster community, advocating for a compassionate and reason-based approach to life, visiting humanists and non-theists in hospitals and hospices, representing the humanist perspective in interfaith organizations, and much much more.

Jonathan is Humanist Celebrant in California, and is able to perform non-theistic weddings, funerals, and baby-namings ceremonies.


About the Chaplaincy

The Humanist Community at Stanford helps students, alumni, and local-area residents build and foster a community of compassionate, reasonable, engaged, and intellectual atheists, humanists, and non-religious students. The Community also provides advice & counseling, represents humanist perspectives in interfaith organizations, and organizes events, service projects, public speaks & film screenings.

Humanist Community at Stanford

Drop them an email to schedule an appointment to meet and talk about how we can work together to build a better, more connected, compassionate, and engaged community of Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at Stanford and beyond.

While serving the Stanford University community, the Humanist Community at Stanford is a nonprofit group that is independent of the university.


For More Information

Contact Chaplain Jonathan Figdor: via email

The Humanist Community at Stanford
1094 Tanland Drive, Unit 204
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