Rutgers University


About the Chaplain

Barry KlasselBarry Klassel received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Columbia University and a master’s degree in theater from the University of Pittsburgh. He performs nonreligious ceremonies as a Humanist Celebrant

He became the Humanist chaplain of Rutgers in May of 2009 after being approved by the university’s religious life council. Klassel said the timing was right for a Humanist chaplaincy, being only a few months after President Obama’s inaugural address mentioning nonbelievers.

Since establishing the chaplaincy, Klassel said, “People have become more aware of us and become more accepting of Humanists, atheists, freethinkers, whatever you want to call it.”

About the Chaplaincy

The Humanist Chaplaincy at Rutgers became an American Humanist Association chapter in 2011. As a celebrant, Klassel performs weddings and funerals. He gives advice about academic, social and family issues. And he coordinates two nonreligious student groups at the university, the Atheist Student Alliance and the Pastafarians.

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